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Never get confused with travel restrictions

As the first application Citruss launches, happy traveller is a travel information app that helps you travel wisely and hassle-free during this difficult time. Simply enter your citizenship and residency, you can quickly know your destination travel restrictions before departure. Don’t worry your information only stays at your phone.

*Citruss does not recommend any unnecessary international travel during COVID-19 pandemic.


iOS 14.0 +


UI/UX Design

Mobile Development


iOS Application


We crafted an amazing and intuitive user interface that helps you quickly set up your profile. Minimalism design directly shows you all information you need


We do not collect any personal information from happy travelers. Your profile only stays in your phone.


Simple user workflow will not confuse you like those government websites and large databases. Checking travel information should not be overwhelming.


Thanks to SwiftUI, everything could not be faster. happy traveller only takes less than 3 MB on your iPhone. Wow, everything should be lightweight.

Design Challenge

As this COVID-19 pandemic is continuing spreading out around the world, every country has its border entry policy updated very frequently, which makes it hard for potential travellers to keep track of the new restrictions. Being international students, we have a lot of friends who got confused about the frequently updated travel restrictions when they intended to either visit their resident countries for study or go back to their home countries. However, there is no clear and rational way to get these. That is the reason that we considered developing a solution to ease this pain of researching the border restrictions for different countries during this difficult time.

UI Architecture

As we found there is no rational and simple way to get access to travel restrictions information, we aim to design a simple and straightforward information structure. happy traveller lists all countries on the top level of the app. Simply tap the country card. All information are listed in coloured card styles. The usage of colour gives you a simple way to show the travel information.

Development Tools


happy traveller is written 100% by SwiftUI. iOS native frontend rendering and data handling methods provide you smooth and lightweight experience.


The implementation of headless content management system (CMS) stores all country information remotely. happy traveller should be lightweight and flexible.


happy traveller was designed and prototyped by using Sketch. We aim to provide pixel perfect design for all of our products, not only happy traveller.

Behind the scene

As the first iOS app of Citruss, our team spent lots of time designing and developing happy traveller. We aim to provide you smooth and easy travel experience during this difficult time. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more of happy traveller. 

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